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Plastic bags have become so commonplace in our society that they litter our streets,
clutter our homes and consume local landfills.  Many people are unaware that these bags take almost 1000 years to degrade and paper is no better!

Is convenience worth sacrificing the welfare of our environment?

Let AK Green™ provide you with environmentally friendly Bio-Degradable & Compostable alternatives.



Lifespan: 7 months – 2 years

Environs: The great outdoors, landfills, commercial compost

Catalyst: Additive triggered degradation, non-starch, non-GMO

Benefits: Eco-friendly additive, no 02 required. No harm to soils or groundwater

Usage: Garbage bags, custom packaging

A standard conventional (PE) plastic that replaces 10-30% of its petroleum base when combined with our bio-based, fully bio-renewable material that is neither composed of heavy metals, crop residues, vegetable starches, oil based fertilizers or pesticides in its production.  The result is an ‘intelligent plastic’ with a reduced overall carbon footprint, one that is manufactured using sustainable/recycled materials and a product that will decompose/disintegrate when disposed of within landfills, an outdoor litter environment or in an aerated (bacteria laden) high heat compost facility.

Complete digestion by microbial activity ensues to produce only biomass, H20 & C02.

The plus?  These plastics do not require oxygen to assume breakdown and will withstand heavy commercial use.



Lifespan: 5 – 45 days aerobic, 100+ years anaerobic (landfill)

Environs: The great outdoors, backyard & commercial compost

Catalyst: High heat, humidity & oxygen exposure causing starch dissolution

Benefits: Immediate & total breakdown (in ideal conditions). While GHG is produced in anoxic environments such as landfills, even higher levels of C02 are sequestered during crop cultivation, ergo no net gain in emissions!

Usage: Leaf & Garden waste, residential compost

Certified 100% Compostable (ASTM 6400), these products are manufactured for single-use capacities and are the most effective biodegradable bag. Composed of North American grown and non-GMO corn and produced by complexing starch with polyesters thereby creating the bio-plastic material of poly lactic acid, or PLA.

Remnants include only the organic elements of H20, C02, biomass & minerals.



Lifespan: 18 months – 2 years

Environs: The great outdoors, landfills

Catalyst: Additive triggered degradation, chemical compound

Benefits: 100% recycled, strong & dependable without consuming landfill space

Usage: Garbage bags, custom packaging, front end/gift shop bags

These plastics were the first phase of “degradable or oxo-biodegradable” technology to hit the market and have been the most popular due to the composition of recycled material. Plastics are treated with an inorganic additive that will first chemically trigger and secondly physically breakdown polyethylene into small fragments. The carbon backbone of the material has been chemically altered at this stage, and is now hydrophilic, or will absorb water. The growth of microorganisms will then proceed to biodegrade the plastic into only C02, H20 and minerals as described in ASTM 6954-04.

These products are meant to be disposed of in landfill environments, however do require an exposure to oxygen to assume breakdown if not triggered before entry.


AK Green seeks an age when society is less reliant on the unsustainable supply of oil. We are currently researching non-petroleum and non-food source (corn, wheat, sugar) alternative plastics in the emerging and expanding, worldwide Bio-plastics Industry. We aim to provide a local or domestic, cellulose based and biodegradable poly substitute by 2014. Stay tuned for the latest updates & developments in the field.


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AK Green Initiatives, Inc. - Intuitive Bioplastics

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