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Ideal for Home, Office & Commercial Enterprise. Our line of Biodegradable and Degradable plastic products will ensure that petroleum-based waste persists on earth no longer than its intended, one-time use. AK Green Initiatives, Inc. aims to provide a plastic alternative that is wholly sustainable, petroleum-free and food source-free as the technology becomes available.

  • Our Bio-Plastic Guarantee:
  • Domestic manufacture
  • Composed of recycled material
  • Complete degradation in 30-180 days
  • durability
  • ASTM certification
  • EcoLogo recycled packaging

A recent publication by the Environmental Protection Agency reported that our American neighbors use an estimated 380 billion plastic bags a year and recycle only 1% of them. This alarming statistic has fueled the reusable bag movement in North America and has motivated the city of San Francisco to ban plastic bags in both grocery and department stores. We at AK Green™ believe that Vancouver Island should be at the forefront of the ban in Canada by incorporating replicas that remain in the compost/landfill for no more than 2 years. Convenience and environmental satisfaction!

Join us in the fight against climate change by using biodegradable plastics!


AK Green™ has gone on to brand itself as a residential, environmentally friendly garbage bag provider and commercially supplies a number of hotels, restaurants, educational institutions and small businesses. The client list grows as customers become aware of the benefits of 2-stage Biodegradable Plastics, the necessity for production from recycled material, and our support for the economy by ensuring Canadian manufacture.

  • Look for our local brand, A Planet Worth Protecting™
  • 2008 BC Women & Enterprise Recognition
  • Featured in the publication, "New Pioneers: Stories of 100 BC Women Entrepreneurs"
  • Featured in the Times Colonist's Green Guide
  • Organic Islands Sustainability Exhibitor
  • Purchasing Management Association of Canada, Exhibitor


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AK Green Initiatives, Inc. - Intuitive Bioplastics

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